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Pre-Buy Your Winter Propane Gallons to Potentially Save BIG

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Sign ups for Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program are OPEN! Deliveries will begin in October!

Spring is here! While the next couple of months bring the promise of warmer weather, it’s also time to be planning for the next winter. By taking advantage of the Pre-Buy Program, you can purchase your winter propane early, at the traditionally lower summer price. Save your budget and don’t worry about rising prices when the temperature drops. Our customers have seen tremendous savings over the 30 years of this program! With the flexible payment plan, you have the option to either pay the entire lump sum at once or break it up with interest-free monthly installments. Concerned about figuring out how much propane you will need? Our talented customer service representatives are ready to walk you through the process, assist in estimating your usage, and will even provide you with a complimentary quote. Don’t delay, sign up today!*

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How the Pre-Buy Program Works:

  1. Call your local customer service representative no later than June 30, 2023. They will give you a complimentary quote for your estimated winter gallon use. Don’t worry if you are a new customer or have never participated – we have plenty of experience estimating for new users too! Just let us know what you will be using your propane for.
  2. Choose a payment option that best fits your needs.** Lock in your price by paying in full using the bulk payment plan (deadline July 28, 2023) OR sign up for the no interest payment plan of 8 consecutive equal monthly payments. (payments start June 30, 2023).
  3. Begin receiving your deliveries. Winter 2023-2024 deliveries will begin on or after October 2, 2023.
  4. Stay warm and happy this winter. Stay warm and have peace of mind knowing your winter propane price is fixed, possibly saving you a bundle.

Have you participated in the program for FIVE consecutive years or more? Contact us to learn about additional savings you could receive.

*Savings are likely, however, not guaranteed.

**Bulk payment plan requires a set-up fee of $25. Monthly payment plan requires a set-up fee of $50. All payments will require a valid credit card on file for automatic payments.

For more information, visit our Pre-Buy page.
To sign up, contact your local office today.

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