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Tips to Avoid Running Out of Propane

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Why It Could Be Dangerous and How to Prevent It

Running out of propane- it occasionally happens when you are not an automatic delivery customer. You are busy with your family, work, and kids when you realize your home appliances are suddenly not working. Then it hits you- you have run out of propane! As a will-call customer it is your responsibility to inform your propane supplier when you are at 30% so that you do not end up in a situation without heat or appliances. Here are some reasons why it could be dangerous to let your propane tank run out and tips on how to prevent it.

Potential hazards that could occur when running out of propane:

  • Possible leak. If a valve or gas line is open when the propane supply runs out, a leak could occur when the system is recharged.
  • Rust buildup. Having an empty propane tank can allow air and moisture to enter causing it to rust. The rust can decrease the concentration of propane‚Äôs odor making it harder to smell if a leak occurs.
  • Property damage. Without fuel keeping your house and pipes warm, the pipes could freeze and burst causing costly repairs.
  • Pilot lights go out. Any pilot lights on your appliances can go out causing further problems to your appliances or system.
  • Required safety check. National safety codes require a qualified service technician to inspect your system before refilling the propane tank. This means that you may encounter a mandatory fee for requiring a performance check before refilling the tank with propane.

What to do if you run out of propane:

  • Turn off the valve on the tank. Turn off the valve on your tank by turning it clockwise. This will avoid potential leaks.
  • Know what propane smells like. Make sure you know what propane smells like in case a leak occurs. If you do smell gas at any time, inside or outside the home, leave the area, report the leak to DLE and call 911.
  • Contact Delta Liquid Energy to refill. Contact us immediately so we can arrange for a delivery date to inspect and refill your tank.

How to prevent running out of propane:

  • Monitor your tank regularly. If you are a will-call customer, visit your propane tank regularly and manually read your propane gauge. Notify Delta Liquid Energy when your tank reaches 30%.
  • Become an automatic delivery customer. When you become an automatic delivery customer, we make it our job to ensure your propane tank stays filled. Delta Liquid Energy will monitor your tank and automatically schedule your deliveries to make sure you will never run out of propane. This will help you avoid the potential service fee required to complete a safety check before recharging the system.

No one should go without heat or household appliances. Switch to being an automatic delivery customer today to avoid running out of propane and paying additional fees.

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