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Why Propane?

It's a question many have asked, and a question that's been answered quite well. Propane burns cleaner, works harder, and operates smarter, so choosing propane means you can help reduce greenhouse emissions, save energy, and protect the environment. Millions worldwide are using propane in industrial, agricultural, commercial and residential applications to make their lives more comfortable. Contacting California propane distributor Delta Liquid Energy is an environmentally friendly choice you can make today.

Whether heating your home, powering your vehicle or fleet, or running your agricultural and industrial equipment, you want an affordable propane dealer you can trust to provide punctual delivery, safe and solid installation of propane tanks and equipment, and superior service. Paso Robles, California headquartered propane distributor Delta Liquid Energy offers your business or home the care of knowledgeable, safety-minded, highly trained personnel. With ten locations throughout California, two rail facilities serving wholesale markets, and an RV store, Delta Liquid Energy is the California distributor you can count on for your residential, commercial, industrial, or agricultural propane needs.

Delta Liquid Energy regularly trains its team of professionals in the areas of:

  • Basic Principles and Practices
  • Propane Delivery Procedures
  • Bobtail Operation and Dispensing
  • Customer Service
  • System Installation
  • Propane Safety

Besides residential propane delivery, the Delta Liquid Energy propane staff experts provide service, installation, and delivery for all types of agricultural applications such as green house and hot water heating, cooling systems, vaporizers, irrigation engines, generators, wind machines and more.

DLE Bobtail Delivers PropaneDelta Liquid Energy also provides service, installation and sales of propane motor vehicle fuel and refueling equipment to accommodate any size propane fueled vehicle fleet.

Propane is the best choice for today's homeowner, farmer, outdoor recreation enthusiast and fleet owner. It can be less expensive than electricity, travels well in delivery, is environmentally friendly and is made in the United States. With proven reliability that keeps customers more than satisfied, values that can come only from a fourth-generation, family-owned business, and an unvarying concern for the safety of their customers, Delta Liquid Energy is the premier choice in California propane distributors.


Delta Liquid Energy’s newest truck routing system provides a new and improved invoice format. Customers are encouraged to utilize our sample invoice as a tutorial on how to read the new invoices. Click here to view the sample invoice. If you still have a question, please don’t hesitate to contact your local DLE branch.


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