Preparing For An Increase: The Truth About Propane Prices Winter 2022

Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s no secret that as winter months approach, it is likely that consumers will see a rise in their propane price. It’s easy to understand why – there is an increase in use all over the country because it’s colder. Consumers are using their heaters more often, turning on their propane fireplaces, and cooking large […]

Pre-Buy Your Winter Propane Gallons to Potentially Save BIG

Reading Time: 2 minutes Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program is now open and it’s your time to save! Spring is here! While the next couple of months bring the promise of warmer weather, it’s also time to be planning for the next winter. By taking advantage of the Pre-Buy Program, you can purchase your winter propane early, at the […]

Have You Heard About DLE’s Level Payment Plan?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Sign Ups Accepted April Through August Every Year! The Delta Liquid Energy Level Payment Plan offers the opportunity for a known propane payment each month. We will work together with you to calculate you monthly payment based on your estimated use. Here’s how it works: First, we take your estimated annual use and multiply it […]