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Why the Cost of Propane Increases

Why the Cost of Propane Increases

Propane Pricing Explained

Propane follows a consistent cycle; supply increases during the warm summer months and then drops off during the cold winter. There are a lot of elements that come into play for this, but there are some reliably consistent ones. Propane demand increases during the winter. Typically, the busiest time of year for propane is from October to April. The temperature drops, and more people use propane for heating. As more people use their propane appliances, the greater the impact it has on the supply. As demand increases, supply decreases and prices rise. The exact price change varies from year to year, but it is not uncommon for propane to cost two to three dollars more than what you see in the summer. This is why, in a few months, we’ll be offering our two most popular payment plans again to help you save money. Simply choose the one that works best for you and contact your local office when the program opens in April.

Saving Options

1) If you buy your estimated winter propane use during the summer with our exclusive Pre-Buy Program, you could see significant savings instead of being at the whims of winter pricing. Since this program runs in the summer, the historically cheapest months, you can sign up to have a guaranteed propane supply for the winter at a locked-in price. Keep an eye out for the next Propane Press, which will include more information on how to sign up.

2) We also offer a great way to budget for your annual propane expenses. Our Level Monthly Payment Plan is based on an estimate of your annual propane use and divided into 11 equal monthly installments. The 12th month is used to adjust for what the actual propane expense was versus what was actually paid.

Both the Pre-Buy Program and Level Monthly Payment Plan open for signups in April. They are only open for a few months, so once you see that the programs are open, contact your office to get in and guarantee your price.

Another way to Save: Did you know that you could receive a 10-cent per gallon discount when you pay your propane bill in full within 15 days of delivery? This offer is valid for bulk deliveries that refill your residential tank to the fixed liquid level gauge. There are a few restrictions, such as minimum delivery requirements, so please contact your customer service representative to see how you can participate.



Governmental Assistance:  Explore programs in your area to see what assistance you qualify for. For example, the State of California offers The Low-Income Energy Assistant Program (LIHEAP), which provides supplemental funding to cover energy bills.

Rebates and Incentives:  There are quite a few rebate programs that run throughout the year. It’s perfect for when you are looking to expand your propane system or get an upgrade. *Act fast, some of these offers get claimed quickly


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