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Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program: How Customers Are Benefitting

money saved by using DLE's Pre-Buy Program

Delta Liquid Energy’s annual Pre-Buy Program is a way for customers to budget for their winter propane use by purchasing their estimated winter gallons during summer months. Because the price of propane is often higher in the colder, winter months, the Pre-Buy Program offers customers a chance to purchase their estimated winter gallons at a summer price! This gives customers the potential to save money if the price of propane peaks in the winter. Below are some testimonials of happy customers that have been enjoying the benefits of the Pre-Buy Program. To find out how the Pre-Buy Program works, visit our blog post.

Testimonials from Paso Robles customers

Leon Preston has been a customer with Delta Liquid Energy’s Paso Robles branch for 15 years since purchasing his home in 2006. Leon uses his propane for home heating and cooking. Because he knows he will need a steady use of propane throughout the winter months, the Pre-Buy Program is a good option for him to budget his winter gallons. Leon has been using Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program for over 11 years now. “I’ve been using it for so many years because I don’t have a reason not to. It’s nice knowing how much you will pay for winter gallons a head of time.” Over the last 11 years using the program, Leon has noticed that he was able to save money by purchasing his winter gallons at summer prices. “Propane is like gas in which the price is going to fluctuate. It’s important to keep an eye on prices to see where you can save.” Leon likes that he has the option to make his Pre-Buy payments on a monthly schedule and that the delivery visits come regularly. The advice that Leon gives to customers considering the Pre-Buy Program would be to do a little math and see if it fits your situation. “If you can possibly get a discount on the gallons you know you are going to need anyways, why not try it out.”

Bev Lively has been using the Pre-Buy Program for over 10 years. She’s been a customer with Delta Liquid Energy’s Paso Robles branch for about 23 years since buying her home. When she originally heard about the Pre-Buy Program, she was eager to try it to budget her winter propane bill for a few months. By making one payment at the end of summer, she can pay for her winter gallons in advance, not having to worry about making the payments throughout the winter months. Bev uses her propane for cooking appliances and water heating, so securing her winter gallons at a possible lower price is beneficial. Bev has continued to use the Pre-Buy Program over the years because it makes things much easier for her. She’s seen many benefits from saving money to ease of payments. “If you are considering trying the Pre-Buy Program for your first time, do it!” Bev said. “It’s easy and could save you money in the end.” Bev encouraged her family members to try out the Pre-Buy Program and she encourages other DLE customers to do the same.


Testimonials from Santa Maria customers

A Santa Maria customer who has been using the Pre-Buy Program for over 10 years enjoys the ease of the program. They have been a customer of Delta Liquid Energy since they first bought their property 25 years ago. They use their propane primarily for home heating, running the clothes dryer, and powering cooking appliances. The customer described the Pre-Buy Program as a “win-win” situation. The customer likes how pre-buying makes the paying process easier and they tend to get a better price out of it. By taking advantage of the option to pay in one lump sum payment, they have the ease of making one single payment for their winter gallons. They explained that the program ultimately makes acquiring their propane easier thanks to simpler payments and effortless deliveries. This customer encourages people considering the Pre-Buy Program to try it out to possibly save money and alleviate stress.

Another Santa Maria customer who has been with Delta Liquid Energy for 13 years has been enjoying the convenience of the annual Pre-Buy Program. The customer first started using the Pre-Buy Program 8 years ago because she was interested in the possible savings. She has been continuing to use the program because it makes the paying process more convenient. By using the lump sum method to pay in one full payment, she’s able to pay at the end of summer and doesn’t have to worry about the payments when winter comes. This customer uses her propane for all home heating and appliances, so getting a better deal is important.  The customer suggests that you should consider the program because it brings peace of mind knowing your winter gallons may come at a better price.


Testimonials from Lancaster customers

Edith M. Hoyt has been using the Pre-Buy Program for over 15 years now. Edith has been a customer of Delta Liquid Energy’s Lancaster branch since 2001. “I originally started using the program to guarantee that I would have propane for the winter,” Edith explained. Edith uses her propane for heating, cooking, and running the clothes dryer, so ensuring her winter gallons are covered is important. “I liked the idea of it because I could purchase my gallons in the summer and not have to worry about paying in the winter.” Edith likes using the lump sum payment option to relieve the task of making payments through the winter months. Edith also found that as she continued to use the program, it worked out well pricewise. Almost every year she’s participated in it she was able to save money on her winter gallons. By pre-buying her gallons, she had more money to put towards other winter expenses which is quite beneficial for her. “If you can afford to use the program, I suggest pre-buying what you can.” Edith explained that if you can pre-buy even some of your winter gallons, you’ll most likely be able to save some money.

Another Lancaster customer who has been using the Pre-By Program for over 10 years is loving the advantages that come with it. This customer has been using Delta Liquid Energy as their propane supplier for the last 19 years to power their home heating, water heating, clothes dryer, and cooking appliances. The Pre-Buy Program has been a time saver for them in the past because they have the ease of making one payment to purchase their winter gallons. This customer has continued to use the program for the peace at mind, but also to save money. Because the price of propane is typically higher in the winter, they like having the opportunity to pay the summer price which is usually lower. Advice they give to someone looking into the program would be to see if it makes sense for your home or business, and if it does, try it out for yourself.


Delta Liquid Energy’s Pre-Buy Program is a great way to take advantage of lower summer prices and potential savings if the price of propane peaks in the winter. To find out if this program would work for you, contact your local DLE office to learn more.

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