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Generating Power with Propane

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Power outages loom large. The summer draws to a close and the heat waves with it, but the cold months bring another wave of potential outages. You can avoid these with some help from propane. With a propane generator, you aren’t held to the whims of an unreliable power grid.

Propane or Batteries

Compared to battery backups, propane is also a cheaper and more reliable option. Installing a backup battery system is usually $10,000–$20,000 (but can easily jump up to $40,000 or more if you include the recommended dedicated solar panel system). Compare that to the $3,000-$5,000 that the average propane generator costs. Propane also keeps you powered as long as there is fuel, while a backup battery will die quickly before needing to be recharged. Many batteries, including the Tesla Powerwall, are only able to power a home for a few hours. There are also appliances and equipment that might need a dedicated battery, such as water pumps, to ensure the backup battery system works. Even with all of this, battery power can take longer to switch on once the grid goes down. A propane generator can supply you with power almost instantaneously.

Avoid Panic with Propane Power

Propane is a reliable fuel that runs in a multitude of extreme weather conditions, making it the perfect choice for a generator. Unlike gasoline or diesel, which degrade over time, propane will stay as effective whether you run it today or next year. It also won’t damage your generator, unlike other fuels that can be harmful if not used within a specific time frame. Thanks to secure storage and easy access, propane is a great choice to stay powered during emergency situations or natural disasters.

Beyond the Generator

A regular propane generator is reliable, clean energy when you need it. But there are constant new developments and improvements that come with using propane. Combined heat and power units (CHPs) utilize the power created via the generator to also heat water. This takes the efficiency of propane to an entirely new level. Microgrids are also getting more popular. By combining additional power sources, such as solar, propane provides the support needed to give entire communities reliable power.