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What an Empty Tank Means

A horizontal residential propane tank

If you are a Will-Call customer, that means that you are responsible for monitoring your tank fill level and reaching out to schedule a delivery once it reaches 30%. If you are on automatic delivery, we monitor the tank for you. Once it drops to that level you are automatically added to a delivery schedule. Either way, getting on a delivery route at 30% is important.

It gives us time to deliver more propane to you.

Emergency calls do happen, where your tank is lower and you need a delivery immediately. But this quickly becomes more expensive since there’s not time to add you to a regular delivery route. In some cases, it even occurs during times or days that are beyond our regular service times. This is why Will-Call customers need to be aware of their tank fill level and reach out before the tank drops below 30% full.

But if it still happens and your tank reaches empty, this can lead to a host of problems for your propane system.

  • Appliances Can’t be Used:

    • With no fuel, your propane appliances won’t work. This can be very serious, such as losing heat in the middle of winter.
  • Things Can get Damaged:

    • If your propane tank isn’t running, the appliances relying on the fuel can be damaged. One example is pipes freezing, which could cause them to burst. Now instead of just needing to refill the propane tank and get the service check done, there are more repairs to add.
  • Potential for Rust:

    • When empty, the inside of your propane tank is unfortunately a great place for rust to form. If the inside is exposed to air or moisture this can ruin the tank. Even worse, interior rust can also mask the smell of propane in some cases and cause a leak to miss detection.

But there’s even more. Once the tank is empty, you’ll need a service check before the tank can be turned back on. With the lack of fuel, the potential damage means a service technician must inspect the propane system to ensure there are no leaks. If a leak is found, it must be fixed before the propane system is turned back on.

Propane smells like rotten eggs. If you smell propane, there could be a leak and it should be treated seriously. Leave the area, and once you are safely away from the gas leak, call us right away. If you are unable to reach us, call 911 or your local fire department.

A propane tank fill gauge reading 30% full
Time for a delivery!

How can you avoid running out gas?

Keep an eye on your tank fill level. Communication with your branch also goes a long way. If you know you’ll be going through more propane than usual, such as if you have people staying with you or are hosting a holiday party, reach out to your branch to see if there’s any pre-emptive steps that should be taken to avoid running out of fuel.

The automatic delivery system is very convenient, however it’s not a solution for everyone. If you are a will-call customer, you are a lot more involved with your propane system. Knowing your tank fill percentage and reaching out once it reaches 30% is the best way to ensure you keep your tank full, especially as we move into the colder the months.