Propane on the Farm

fall produce

One of the most iconic things about fall is a bountiful harvest. Did you know that propane plays an important role in getting food from the farm to your table? It can be used at every step of preparing the ultimate fall harvest.


You won’t get far on a farm without water, which is why propane is often used to fuel irrigation engines. With this reliable fuel, the crops can stay watered in any weather. But if you’ve got well-cared for plants, chances are weeds are going to sprout up too. That’s when you burn them.

Flame weeding is an organic, sustainable method of mass weeding. Instead of killing weeds with pesticides, a propane torch is used to suck the moisture out of the plant. This can be done on a large scale too, often with special machinery affixed to the back of a tractor and driven through the field. If the heat is too much, let’s check out how farms get through the cold months.

Frost is a deadly issue when it comes to farming. One bad frost and an entire crop can be wiped out. But with propane on your side, the crops can be protected. Giant fans, powered by propane, blow the frost away. They can run day and night, whatever is needed to ensure the farm is safe and the crops are safe to grow.

propane tractor on a farm


Crops are carefully grown and aren’t immediately shipped off to grocery stores and kitchens. They often need to be stored for a while. In some cases, such as with grains, they need to be dried before they are ready to be sent out. The excess moisture in the harvested plant could destroy it by leading to mold or other damage. A propane dryer is used to prevent this. These huge silos heat the grain at a temperature that ensures the excess moisture is removed from the crop.

There are also a few other things that need to be considered, including general building heat, generators, and water heating, that can all be done with propane. But one of the most exciting parts of this adventure is the food getting to you. Distribution is also aided by propane use. From propane forklifts moving crates of crops to huge trucks shuttling them around the country, the produce makes it where it needs to go with minimal emissions along the way.


All the work pays off, because now it’s time to eat! But the fall harvest continues to thrive with the power of propane. After all, propane grills are a staple for a reason. Fire it up, or any other propane cooking device (of which there is a wonderful range to choose from). Propane is there, from seed to plate, for all the best meals.

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