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Warm Winter Activities with the Help of Propane

Warm Winter Activities with the Help of Propane

As the weather cools down and social distancing measures are still in effect, people are looking for activities to do from home, while staying warm. There are many different propane home appliances that can maximize your comfort and activities during the winter. Enjoying winter activities while using propane is great to combat the boredom and while using a clean energy. Here are a few winter activities you can do with the help of propane:

Bake cookies with the family

woman baking with childern

Baking is always a great option for family to keep busy. Not only is the process fun and gets everyone involved, but you also get a sweet end product in return. Baking and cooking with propane appliances has many benefits- there’s a reason they are preferred by a majority of professional chefs and designers. Propane appliances like ovens are more efficient because they offer greater heat control. With a more even heat distribution, there is less of a chance for hot spots that can potentially burn your food. Propane powered ovens also emit approximately 30% fewer CO2 emissions, making them a greener option.


Play a board game around the fireplace

family playing games

Playing board games is a fun way to let loose and enjoy some family time. Doing it by a warm fireplace makes it even more enjoyable. Propane powered fireplaces are a useful way to keep warm while bundled inside. They offer you the ambiance of real flames without sacrificing the heat. Propane fireplaces provide six times the heating capacity compared to wood burning models. On top of that, they are cleaner and less work, reducing the chore of cleaning up soot and ash. You won’t have to store firewood anymore, making propane an easy option. With the heat, comfort, and minimal cleanup of propane fireplaces, they are the perfect place to enjoy family game time during the winter.


Utilize an outdoor propane fire pit

couple using outdoor propane firepit

Just because it’s chilly outside doesn’t mean you have to completely disregard your outdoor spaces. With the use of propane, there are still many appliance options to enjoy. Hanging out by your propane powered fire pit is a nice way to get outside without being miserably cold. This will provide you heat and ambiance while winding down with the family. Propane powered firepits are beneficial because you get all the heat without the smoke and maintenance of a wood-burning fire. Features like remote start allow you to start your fire with the push of a button- something you will appreciate after a long day. Visit our blog post Ending the Summer with Propane: A Guide to Outdoor Living With Propane to learn more about outdoor fire pits.


Make a pot of hot cocoa or hot cider on the stove

little girl using propane gas stove to make hot cider

Heating up a fresh pot of hot cocoa or hot cider is an easy way to warm up even on the coldest days. Using propane to do so makes it even easier. With the instant power of on and off, you have full control of your cooking and don’t have to wait for the stove to heat up. Propane stove tops are preferred by most because of their usability and efficiency. Offering a more even heat distribution and temperature control, you will be able to cook faster and more thorough compared to electric stovetops.


Draw a hot bath to relax

women running hot water with propane powered water heater

Sometimes we just need a few moments to ourselves to relax. Drawing a hot bath is the perfect way to de-stress after a long day in the cold. With the use of a tankless propane water heater, you will never feel your water going cold again. Tankless propane water heaters perform more efficiently while using less energy to provide an endless supply of hot water. If that’s not enough, these propane water heaters also give off less emissions than traditional water heaters. Tankless propane water heaters don’t have to be on as long to heat the water, using less energy. Because you are using less energy, tankless propane water heaters essentially cost less to operate. These water heaters also have a lifespan of about 20 years, making it one less thing you have to worry about each winter.

There are many options to keep you busy and warm at home during the winter. Propane is here to help make that easier for you.

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