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Off-grid Living With the Help of Propane

off-grid living with propane

How Propane Can Assist Those Living Off-Grid

Living off-grid is becoming a preferred option for many people looking for more independence and self-reliance in their home’s energy sources. When living off-grid, you have to turn to alternative energy sources to adequately power your home. Propane is a great support for off-grid living. It can provide reliable energy to fuel the home’s major appliances without sacrificing daily comforts.

What is off-grid living?

Living off-grid may sound like a distant concept to some, but for many it is the favored way of living. Living off the grid can have many meanings. In this case, it means your home is not dependent on public utilities like the electric grid and natural gas lines. While many people choose to live off-grid, others may not have the choice due to their home’s location. Some homes are not equipped to run on a natural gas line or the electric grid. For these homeowners, it is often too expensive trying to incorporate their homes onto these systems. If you are choosing the option to live off the electric grid, there are seven things your off grid home needs, according to the Propane Education and Research Council:

  1. On site electric generation – you must start by having the ability to generate your own electricity using solar panels and the sun’s natural energy. However, the sun does not shine 24/7 so propane can help fill in your energy gaps.
  2. Battery storage – you have to balance your cost and electrical load in order to figure out the battery size that’s right for you. Propane can help decrease your battery storage size by taking on the work of your big thermal loads like cooking and home heating.
  3. Backup generator – these pieces of equipment help provide your home energy when the sun isn’t shining. Powering a back up generator with propane is cleaner and more cost effective than diesel.
  4. Building envelope design – your off the grid home should be designed to minimize your heating and cooling loads.
  5. Mechanical systems – by using propane powered mechanical systems for heating and water heating, you can reduce the cost of your thermal loads when compared to electricity.
  6. Appliances and lighting – choosing LED lighting and a propane powered clothes dryer can help save on your energy costs.
  7. Homeowner behavior – consider a monitoring system installed on your off the grid home that will help you control how much energy you are using at certain times of the day or year.

How Propane Can Help

Propane is a dependable fuel that offers many benefits for off-grid living. Because propane is so versatile, it can be used in many different applications, powering a great portion of your home. While solar is a popular option for off-grid homes, there are cases when it may not be able to produce enough power to meet your home’s demand. This is where propane comes in to help. Propane is such an abundant fuel. It can reliably power many of your home’s major appliances without issue.

Appliances for Off-Grid Use

There are many different products and appliances powered by propane that can support your home. Propane-powered backup generators are one of the most important products to help keep your home running off-grid. Backup generators act as a reliable power source during prolonged periods when other sources can’t produce enough energy on their own.

Appliances like space and water heaters, clothes dryers, and cooking appliances can also help you live comfortably off-grid. Because propane appliances tend to be more efficient, using less energy to run, you tend to save more money over time.

off-grid living with generatorLiving off-grid can be made easy with alternative fuels like propane. With propane being both versatile and cost-effective, it is a great aid in getting your home one step closer to being independent of the electric grid.

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