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How to Choose a Propane Supplier

Choosing DLE for propane supplier

When choosing a propane supplier for your home or business, there are many different factors to consider. Whether using propane for heating, cooking appliances, or even fleet vehicles, it is important to find a trusted company that best fits your needs.

Reliable Supply

Finding a propane supplier that can undoubtedly secure your supply is important. This is especially significant during the winter months when propane shortages can occur. The ability to secure a supply for customers is a very important part of a propane marketer’s job. This ensures customers stay with hot water and comfortable conditions year-round.

Delta Liquid Energy has a strong relationship with our wholesale suppliers to secure our propane supply. Each and every year we do extensive planning with our suppliers to anticipate all contingencies for commercial, residential, and agricultural customers. Our vast infrastructure and bulk storage facilities throughout Central California and Southern Nevada provide propane to our network of nine retail locations.


Delta Liquid Energy’s many years of experience in the propane industry speaks for itself when showing our value. DLE has been family owned and operated for over 85 years. We’ve grown our network and reputation into something both reliable and dependable. Delta Liquid Energy services a variety of customers from residential to commercial and agriculture.  Our team of experienced managers, customer service representatives, drivers and more, have a wide collection of skills and knowledge to create a propane plan that best fits your home or business.

Flexible Payment & Delivery Options

Choosing a company that offers payment and delivery options is a great benefit to those that prefer flexibility. Delta Liquid Energy offers Automatic Payment and Cash on Delivery options to make payments easy. The Automatic Payment option requires a credit card on file. If you opt not to have a credit card on file, you can use the Cash on Delivery option. This option requires payments to be processed before each delivery. Different delivery options such as Automatic Delivery and Call on Delivery are also available to make acquiring your propane most convenient for you. When using the Automatic Delivery option, DLE will schedule and fill up your tank when you need it. Call on Delivery or “Will Call” customers must monitor their supply themselves. Watching your tank’s gauge is simple, then call DLE when your tank reaches 30%. Delta Liquid Energy also offers a Level Monthly Payment Plan and a Pre-Buy Program also help customers budget for their propane supply.

Local Service

Delta Liquid Energy has been family and owned and operated since its founding in 1936. This gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with personalized and authentic customer service. All of our locations have a team of well-equipped staff to answer all your questions. We can create a plan that is right for you. This also helps avoid the inconvenient call center-type of service that is often found with larger public companies. Offering nine retail locations throughout California and Nevada, DLE has dedicated team members to assist you no matter where your local office is.

Safety Standards

Last but certainly not least, safety is a huge factor when choosing a propane supplier. It is important to choose a company with a safe track record and reputation that is known for taking safety seriously. A reputable propane provider has safety programs in place and offers references from trusted agencies to provide updated information to their customers.

At Delta Liquid Energy we proudly work with nationally recognized organizations to continue our team’s propane safety education and training. DLE works with the Propane Education and Research Council, the National Propane Gas Association, the Western Propane Gas Association, and the World LP Gas Association. From these organizations we obtain up-to-date propane information for our customers. We also work with the National Fire Protection Association to educate our team and customers on fire safety and prevention when using propane.

Choosing a propane supplier can be difficult. If you have your needs in mind you can find one that best fits your situation. If you are in our network of retail locations, contact us today to find out how we can service your home or business. Find your local office by visiting our Location Finder.


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