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Benefits of Cooking With Propane

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Less Emissions and More Savings, Propane is the Way to Cook!

It’s time for your barbecue grill to move over; propane is coming to the kitchen! With an incredible variety of designs and options, propane cooking appliances can be in any home and match your lifestyle. From an RV kitchen to the grandest restaurant, nothing can match the performance that propane provides.

Applications for Propane in the Kitchen

Whether you have a commercial kitchen that is always bustling or a relaxed kitchen at home, propane can keep up. Most people start with the basics, which every kitchen needs:

    • Ranges
    • Ovens
    • Stoves

Are you looking to take things up a notch? There are also commercial-grade options, including:

    • Deep fryers
    • Griddles
    • Steam cookers
    • Convection ovens

Benefits of Propane Cooking

It’s not just for professional chefs, although 96% do agree that cooking with gas is superior. By using propane, you get an incredible amount of precision when it comes to temperature. Ranges feature instant-on so you can begin cooking immediately, as well as the ability to instantly turn off. Unlike electric, propane appliances cool down quickly when you are done. This provides safety for you and helps avoid overcooking food. There’s an even distribution of heat too. The average home kitchen uses between 40 to 60 gallons of propane a year, which can equal savings for you when you switch from electric. Saving money is always good, but what if you can also save the environment at the same time? Good news, by utilizing propane, you can! Propane cooking appliances have seen as much as 50% reduction in CO2 emissions when compared with the same electric appliances.

Chef seasoning a pan over a propane gas stove

Beyond the Kitchen

Did you know that cooking with propane also saves lives? Since the Cooking for Life campaign launched in 2012, it’s helping to prevent 500,000 premature deaths from indoor air pollution across 11 countries. This campaign helps people who were previously reliant on solid fuels to get access to propane, specifically for cooking. By using propane, chefs (both professional and home) utilize a clean, non-toxic energy source with minimal emissions. With the information from the World Health Organization, they’ve seen a decrease in pneumonia, stroke, heart disease, and more, just by switching from cooking with solid fuel to propane. Check out WLPGA Cooking for Life for more information on how they are helping people through the use of propane.

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