Who is ARRO Autogas?

Arro Autogas fueling station

Have you ever noticed that some fleet vehicles – school buses and package delivery vehicles in particular – don’t produce the cloud of dark smoke we saw as children riding to school? There are now much cleaner options to fuel these vehicles aside from diesel or gasoline. One such option is PROPANE. That’s right, propane can power more than just your barbecue! Most homeowners who use propane know that it can be used for cooking, water heating, clothes drying, and space heating. This versatile fuel can also power vehicles.

ARRO Autogas is a subsidiary of Delta Liquid energy that focuses on educating fleet managers and the general public about propane for vehicles. In addition, ARRO Autogas provides this clean fuel to school districts, municipalities, and other fleets. ARRO Autogas was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose of being a focused effort in the propane Autogas market. Side Note: Propane used in vehicles is called propane Autogas, or simply Autogas. These names are interchangeable. As strict air quality standards continue to take shape, fleets must comply with certain emission restrictions. Propane Autogas can offer an environmentally, clean option that, in many cases, can meet or exceed requirements. ARRO Autogas maintains a primary goal to assist fleets in ‘going green’ by providing an exceptional propane product coupled with outstanding customer service.

What Do We Do?

Our ARRO Autogas team can customize a refueling plan that matches any fleet’s needs. We provide public and private refueling infrastructure. All equipment put in place, either at a publicly accessible site like a gas station or privately in a fleet’s vehicle yard, is owned and maintained by our team. This means fleets may not be responsible for some maintenance costs for dispensing equipment. We also supply the propane Autogas to fuel vehicles.

Another aspect of switching a fleet from one fuel to another is obtaining funding then using those dollars to procure new fleet vehicles. We can help with that too! The team at ARRO Autogas can point fleet managers and owners in the right direction. We can help find funding opportunities, assist with which original engine manufacturers (OEMs) offer the right vehicle for your fleet, and the list goes on. We can help answer any questions that you may have in regards to implementing propane Autogas as your alternative fuel of choice.

Accessibility of our Stations

On ARRO Autogas’s website a list of locations can be found. For the convenience of our customers, we offer the ability to refuel at any of these locations 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Some of these stations are located on the property of our service station partners. These are gas stations conveniently located near freeway on and off ramps. The propane Autogas dispensing equipment is on the property of the gas station but accessible to all ARRO Autogas customers.

An alternative to or in addition to refueling your fleet at our publicly accessible stations, you may also choose to have propane Autogas dispensing equipment constructed at your own vehicle yard. This is a common choice for fleets with large quantities of vehicles and fleets that estimate they will consume a minimum of 30,000 gallons per year. If fleets request private refueling equipment (a propane Autogas dispenser, tank, and fuel track management system) on their property, we will customize it to their needs. Often, we will build the price of leasing and constructing the equipment into the price per gallon of fuel. This helps the fleet spread the cost out over time. Each situation and fleet are different and all our services are customizable. The great part about having your own, private infrastructure is that you still have access to our public refueling sites too. Your vehicles will never have to worry about feeling stranded out on the road with nowhere to refuel!

Fuel Tracking Management

Another service we offer is the tracking of your fleet’s fuel use. We use a proprietary software system that is hooked up to a Fuel Track Management System. This is essentially a computer that will report how many gallons were put into each vehicle, at what time, at what station, and at what price. This allows us to generate reports for fleet managers’ use and allows us to invoice customers. Another benefit – vehicle drivers do not need to carry cash or cards, we will bill you for your use bi-monthly.

In order to track all of this data and have it accessible to fleet managers, drivers are issued a set of keys called Prokees. These Prokees are encoded with a driver specific number and a number specific to the vehicle they are driving. Prior to fueling the vehicle, the driver will insert these keys into the Fuel Track Management System. This will allow us and fleet managers to see which driver fueled which vehicle at any one of our locations. Using these Prokees also starts the flow of propane without the need for immediate payment. Both the driver’s Prokee and the vehicle’s Prokee must be used together. Drivers cannot swap or trade Prokees with other drivers as they are coded specifically to each person.

Prokees used at Arro Autogas fueling stations
Arro Autogas Fueling Station
An Example of Our Stations and Equipment


Safety & Training

Before fleet drivers and managers can start using our 24/7-access refueling equipment, they must first go through safety training with our technicians. A top priority of ARRO Autogas and Delta Liquid Energy is safety! While dispensing propane Autogas is very similar to filling your personal vehicle with gasoline, there are some differences. Therefore, safety training must take place. The training process does not take longer than about 30 minutes and is renewed once every three years.

For those fleet managers who see an overturn in drivers on a more frequent basis, we offer a “Train the Trainer” option. This option allows one person, or a few people, within the organization to train newcomers as they are hired. This eliminates the necessity for one of our technicians to come to your location, or the location of the public site of your choice, to train any and all new drivers. Instead, the “trained trainer” will be fully knowledgeable on the process of refueling a propane Autogas vehicle. They will then be able to teach others the process. A “Train the Trainer” course is not much more involved than a regular training and also must be renewed once every three years.

Why Is Propane Autogas The Right Fuel for Fleets?

A Clean Fuel

Propane is a clean burning, low emission fuel. Despite what many environmentalist may have us believe, propane is one of the cleanest fuels – even cleaner than electricity – when comparing the full fuel life cycle. Electricity has zero tailpipe emissions but still creates emissions during production and transmission. Our blog post, “How Propane Fits Into the Green Equation – A Look at Propane’s Environmental Impact” shows how propane compares to other alternative fuel options. Propane uses approximately one third of the source energy used by electricity, according to research done by Gas Technology Institute. This means, the amount of energy (emissions) produced to make electricity is 3x higher than what is emitted or used for propane production.

A Cost Effective Fuel

Additionally, the cost to implement propane Autogas is significantly lower than the cost to implement electric technology. Refueling infrastructure construction is less expensive, the vehicles themselves are less expensive, and propane Autogas infrastructure offers the option to grow with your fleet. When implementing electric recharging infrastructure you must first know where your fleet will be in 5, 10, 20 years. Once your charging station is in place it’s very hard for it to grow without significant extra costs. With propane Autogas, if you start with a handful of vehicles and a small refueling station. More refueling pumps and tanks can be added easily as you acquire more vehicles over time.

A High Performance Fuel

Finally, there is no sacrificing performance with propane Autogas. With a propane autogas vehicle, horsepower and torque remain on par with traditionally fueled vehicles. The refueling process is very similar to that of a traditionally fueled vehicle and takes about the same amount of time. Autogas vehicles can travel up to 400 miles before needing to refuel. Comparing these benefits to electric powered fleet vehicles, the differences are clear. Electric fleet vehicles may have lower performance, especially in rural areas of the country. Electric vehicles can take hours to charge up to full capacity and cannot travel the same distance on a single charge that a propane autogas vehicle can.

The below infographic shows a comparison between propane autogas school buses and their competition in California:

Infographic showing California Propane School Bus ghg emission reductions
Source: PERC


Where can our stations be found?

ARRO Autogas’ propane refueling stations can be found throughout southern California primarily. We do also have one in the Las Vegas area. Traditionally, our publicly accessible sites have been built to accommodate existing customers’ fleets. This means that there is potential for us to build another public station if there is not currently one near your fleet. There are stipulations to this depending on your needs and size of your fleet. Contact us to see how we may be able to work together.

A full list of where our current stations can be found is listed on our website.


How To Become an ARRO Autogas Customer

Becoming a customer with ARRO Autogas is simple. There is certain new customer paperwork to fill out, as is necessary when setting up accounts with many other companies. The difference with ARRO Autogas though, is that we will help you every step of the way. As was stated above, we are happy to connect potential customers with the right fleet dealers, help find funding in your area to offset costs, explain and customize refueling station construction, and answer any questions you may have regarding propane Autogas.

Whether you have a fleet that’s been running on propane for years or you are just getting into the propane Autogas game; whether you have one vehicle or one hundred – we can help!

School bus filling up with propane using Arro Autogas fueling station

Are These Propane Stations Just for Propane Autogas?

In short, no! Our publicly accessible stations are on the property of our service station partners – gas stations. These station attendants and staff have been trained on the use of our equipment and understand the safety precautions. Therefore, they are able to refill small propane cylinders, like barbecue bottles, for the general public.

The caveat to this is that we are merely renting space on their property. In exchange, they are able to sell propane to the general public. In this circumstance, ARRO Autogas is the wholesaler to the gas station and the gas station is the reseller to the general public. This means that we DO NOT set the price per gallon at these stations. The price will vary depending on what the gas station owner chooses to sell the propane for. In addition, this means we are not responsible for the station attendants and staff aside from training them. We have no control over their hours or when they schedule propane refueling. Our job is to provide the refueling equipment and the propane. While all of our stations are open 24/7 to ARRO Autogas customers, hours may vary for the general public who have small cylinder refilling needs. Google is always a great place to check for hours of operation and direct contact information for each location.

Man filling small propane cylinder at Arro Autogas fueling station

If you are interested in having a conversation about becoming an ARRO Autogas customer, or just want to learn more about propane Autogas, give us a call or send us an email. Contact ARRO Autogas