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Propane Use in the Hospitality Industry

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How restaurants, hotels, resorts, and other lodging options are utilizing propane

The use of propane in the hospitality and tourism industries is very abundant as it provides a safe and reliable source of energy to many different appliances and equipment. Its reliable power and clean use are a couple reasons why so many hotels, resorts, and restaurants use propane for their heating and maintenance needs.


Propane’s primary use is for space heating, offering multiple solutions for a business owner. Various restaurants, hotels, resorts, and lodgings use propane to power heating appliances. One example is patio heaters. Propane patio heaters have proven their value as more hospitality businesses turn to them to increase guests’ comfort during outdoor dining and entertaining experiences. Because of their sleek look and consistent power, they make for a great heat source in these settings.

Propane fireplaces and fire pits provide a beautiful focal point for outdoor lounging areas. These clean-burning heat sources offer consistent heat to extend your time outside. Propane fireplaces and firepits also offer a cleaner experience by taking away the unwanted soot and smoke that come with burning wood or coal.

Hotels and resorts may also use propane for pool and spa heating to help extend the use of the pool year-round. Propane pool heaters offer higher efficiency while better maintaining the desired temperature. They also take up little space, despite having powerful capabilities.

outdoor propane heater


Many hotels and resorts rely on the beauty of the grounds to help sell the experience. Propane-powered lawn mowers work to maintain that pristine look. Propane mowers are great for resorts and recreation areas because they provide strong performance to get the job done. Propane mowers also work to effectively maintain land while providing reduced fuel and maintenance costs. Taking care of landscaping and lawn care needs with propane also contributes less emissions to the environment, making it a cleaner option.

propane powered commercial mower


Propane powered ovens, stoves, and ranges are preferred by many professional chefs in the industry. According to the Propane Education and Research Council, an overwhelming 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with gas. Commercial kitchens at restaurants, resorts, and lodgings prefer propane for its precision temperature control and even cooking.

commercial cooking with gas burner


For hotels and lodgings that offer on-site laundry, propane dryers are a good option. They dry clothes quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of burner capacities, they can produce fast drying times and greater throughput. Propane powered clothes dryers can also help to reduce costs and emissions compared to the standard electric model.

commercial propane washer


Propane can even be used in lighting applications. Flame lighting with propane is a great way to light up the way while using a readily available energy source. While adding charm and appeal to their setting, the real flame created by the propane is a clean and efficient way to illuminate outdoor spaces. Lanterns, chandeliers, and even tiki torches are all options that can be powered by propane. Flame lighting with propane will help add to the ambiance of any outdoor space.

Propane helps fuel multiple different industries, but the hospitality and tourism industry is a prime source of propane consumption. Between its versatility and clean use, propane makes for a great solution to efficiently fuel these energy needs.

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