Delta Liquid Energy donates to local food bank & homeless shelter

From Farm to Table: Delta Liquid Energy Donates to Local Organizations

Delta Liquid Energy Donates Processed California Mid-State Fair Pigs to Local Organizations

Filling Plates and Hearts with SLO Food Bank and ECHO Homeless Shelter

At Delta Liquid Energy, we’ve always believed in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our commitment to supporting our local community extends beyond our everyday propane operations. Recently, we had the privilege of making a significant contribution to our San Luis Obispo County community by donating two pigs that we purchased at the California Mid-State Fair and had processed locally at J&R Natural Meets to El Camino Homeless Organization (ECHO) and SLO Food Bank. These remarkable organizations are on the front lines, addressing the critical issues of hunger and homelessness in San Luis Obispo County.

ECHO Homeless Shelter

We picked up 7 boxes of meat processed by J&R Natural Meats and headed over to ECHO in Atascadero, where we were greeted by the Kitchen Manager, Todd, and the Volunteer Manager, Kylie. They were so excited to receive a large amount of pork, especially bacon, as that tends to be the favorite among the visitors.

ECHO’s primary mission is to address the immediate needs of families and individuals in our community who are facing hunger and homelessness. They not only provide a safe and secure overnight shelter but also nourishing meals to those in need. Each day, their dedicated team, supported by 50 volunteer groups, prepares and serves up to 150 daily meals to residents and members of our community who might otherwise go without a hot meal. For those staying at the shelter, they offer both breakfast and lunch to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. In total, ECHO proudly serves approximately 54,000 meals each year.

In addition to serving meals, they also promote healthy eating habits and have an educational nutrition program. They aim to support our community members in achieving not only immediate relief from hunger and homelessness but also a path toward long-term well-being.


SLO Food Bank

The second pig resulted in 6 boxes of processed pork that we delivered to SLO Food Bank. We were greeted by some amazing staff, including Savannah, the Marketing & Communications Manager, and Thomas, The Receiving and Inventory Manager.

The SLO Food Bank is on a mission to end hunger in San Luis Obispo County and create a healthier community. Their vision is simple: ensuring everyone has access to nutritious food. They believe that every person has the right to nutritious food, no matter their circumstances, and they provide not just food but also support and compassion to each individual they serve. Respect, kindness, and dignity are core values at the SLO Food Bank, guiding their interactions with everyone they assist, whether individuals, families, or agencies.

Their community outreach includes various programs like children’s and senior farmers’ markets, providing no-cook bags for the homeless, breakfast bags, and offering nutrition education. They also work alongside more than 80 Agency Partners, pooling their resources, time, and energy to fulfill their mission. These nonprofits all share a common belief: everyone should have access to nutritious food.


At Delta Liquid Energy, we are immensely proud to support organizations like the SLO Food Bank and ECHO Homeless Shelter, who tirelessly work to make our community a better place. These acts of kindness and generosity remind us of the incredible impact that can be made when we come together as a community to support those in need. We are so thrilled to be able to donate to these incredible organizations again and hope that our donations will not only provide nourishment but also inspire others to lend a helping hand.


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