Delta Liquid Energy wants to help you save money, especially amid the challenges presented by today’s economy. Not only can simply switching to propane provide big savings, once you have made that switch, DLE offers a variety of plans to meet your financial and propane needs. Additionally, because propane is becoming more widely recognized as a cleaner-burning, low carbon fuel, there may be new tax incentives to encourage propane usage. Contact your local DLE sales representative today.


For significant savings, consider running your business vehicles on propane. Seven simple steps will reveal how much propane could save your business. Visit the Propane Education and Research Council Fleet Calculator to compare the amount of savings you could generate with the simple switch to a propane powered vehicle, or contact Allison Platz at 805-239-0616.


To encourage customers to buy energy efficient products, ENERGY STAR partners occasionally offer special offers, such as sales tax exemptions, credits, or rebates on qualified products. Partners also occasionally sponsor recycling incentives for the proper disposal of old products. CLICK HERE to search to find such special offers or rebates where they exist, based on information that partners submit to ENERGY STAR.


Safe Appliance Installation Rebate

The Western Propane Education & Research Council rebate program includes rebates for the safe installation of propane clothes dryers, furnaces, hearth appliances, fireplace inserts, stoves, ovens, and cooktops and water heaters that replace non-propane models. Click here for more information about the rebate programs, or call Western Propane Gas Association at (916) 447-9742.

Propane Forklift Safety Incentive

Incentives are available to California propane customers that purchase a new propane forklift or retrofit an existing forklift with a California Air Resources board-approved device. Propane companies and their employees are not eligible to receive rebates. For more information, download the Propane Forklift Safety Incentive Rebate form or call Western Propane Gas Association at (916) 447-9742.


Let DLE help you SAVE MONEY this year: Sign up for the Pre-Buy Program today!

Often, the price of propane is highest in the colder, winter months. To offset this, each year Delta Liquid Energy offers our customers the opportunity to purchase their estimated winter gallons during the summer months. This allows DLE customers to take advantage of typically lower summer prices and potential big savings if the price of propane peaks in the winter.

How does the Delta Liquid Energy Pre-Buy Program work?

During the early summer months, typically April through June, DLE negotiates with our suppliers to receive a price for propane requirements that will be used the following winter. We then offer our customers a summer price for gallons that will be used the following winter. This price is predetermined based on several factors including the inventory levels of propane around the country. DLE customers sign up during the spring and early summer for the program and the gallons are delivered in the winter months.

Your local DLE office can help you determine how many gallons you may need to pre-purchase based on your propane use during previous years. Alleviate any worry about potentially high winter season propane prices and SIGN UP TODAY! Call your local sales representative.

What will my cost of propane be if I choose the Pre-Buy Program?

Your price per gallon of propane will vary each pre-buy season depending on many factors, including but not limited to, the price that Delta Liquid Energy is offered from our wholesale suppliers and inventory levels around the country. The great news is that 90% of the time, the pre-buy price offered is lower than the price in the winter months that follow. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed to be a lower price simply because unforeseen circumstances of unseasonably high temperatures have been known to occur, dragging down the winter price of propane. Think of pre-buying your winter gallons this summer like an insurance plan – you might not always need to buy them, but when history has proven that typical winter propane prices go soaring, you’ll be glad you did. 

When can I start Purchasing Pre-Buy gallons?

Pre-Buy gallons may be purchased starting in late March or early April, depending on when DLE receives our price from our wholesale suppliers. We encourage you to continually check in with your local DLE office to find out the finalized start date each year. We will also keep you informed once a start date has been finalized. Pre-buy sign up forms are accepted through early July. Similar to the pre-buy application start date, the actual end date will vary each year depending on when the first of July falls during our regular business week of Monday through Friday. Typically, the pre-buy program will start within the first five days of April and end near or around the first of July.

How do I pay for my Pre-Buy gallons?

Delta Liquid Energy offers our customers flexible options when it comes to paying for your pre-buy gallons. You may opt for one lump sum payment to be paid in full on or before a specified date at the beginning of August. This date will also vary year to year and requires a $25.00 one-time set up fee. We also offer a NO INTEREST monthly payment plan for your pre-buy gallons. This payment plan requires a $50.00 one-time set up fee and eight (8) consecutive monthly payments. We will require a credit card number to keep on file for automatic payments. Our monthly payment plan will start on the same date the timeline for pre-buy applications expires.

When will my Pre-Buy gallons be delivered?

Once pre-buy propane gallons have been purchased, they will be applied to deliveries starting in October of that same year. Pre-buy gallons will be applied to deliveries through the winter either until all your pre-buy gallons have been used or until the end of March of the following year, whichever comes first.

How do I sign up to SAVE with DLE’s Pre-Buy Program?

Signing up is simple! Please call your local Delta Liquid Energy office to receive an agreement. Once your application has been approved and you’ve chosen your payment plan all that’s left to do is to enjoy the ease of mind that your price for propane this winter will be fixed.

Here were important dates to remember in 2019:

  • Last day to sign up is Monday, July 1, 2019
  • Monthly payment plan start date: Monday, July 1, 2019
  • Final date to make one lump sum payment: Thursday, August 1, 2019
  • Pre-buy winter gallons delivery start: Tuesday, October 2, 2019

Don’t hesitate, limited quantities are available – call your local DLE office today and lock in your price! Click Here to Find Your Local DLE Office


*Please note this form is not authorized until received and approved by DLE office personnel and is subject to adjustments based on DLE’s direction. 


This plan offers customers the convenience of equal monthly installments to pay for their annual propane usage. Just simply contact your local Delta Liquid Energy office and together we will estimate your annual propane expense. This total is divided into 11 equal monthly installments. The 12th installment is used to adjust for what the actual propane expense was and what you actually paid. Enrollment is available each year from April 1st to August 31st.

Sign up before July 1st to be eligible to receive a ten cent per gallon credit at the end of your term!

For full program details and to estimate your annual propane expense Call your local Delta Liquid Energy office today!


This plan allows our customers to take ten cents off per gallon of their propane bill when it is paid in full within 15 days of the delivery date (*some restrictions apply). This program is available throughout the year.


• The option of regularly routed and scheduled deliveries. When applicable, Delta Liquid Energy offers customers the convenience of never having to check their propane tank. If your deliveries are scheduled by Delta Liquid Energy, it will be our responsibility to make sure you never run out of propane. Some instances may require customers to monitor their own tank levels – contact your local DLE office for more details.
• Accessibility to DLE’s service and parts department. DLE strives to assure all locations carry an inventory of parts and accessories to meet all of your propane needs. Technicians are available for all types of propane appliance installation, service, and repairs.
• 24 hour emergency service. DLE encourages customers to feel free to contact their local office any time there is a problem with their propane gas system. Safety is a top priority. Click Here to Find Your Local DLE Office
• Professional, dependable, and courteous service. Delta Liquid Energy propane delivery drivers and service technicians have successfully completed specialized training provided by the National Propane Gas Association. This insures that customers and their homes are in the hands of knowledgeable, safety-minded personnel.
• Pay for propane or services by phone. Visa and Master Card are gladly accepted for all your Delta Liquid Energy purchases.
Through tax incentive assistance and exclusive propane plans, Delta Liquid Energy provides unique discounts to help you save on fuel costs. Please call your local branch to learn more or sign up today!