PROPANE PRODUCTS : Liquid Propane Injection (LPi)

Save significant $$ annually by taking advantage of the Federal fuel use tax credits enacted October 1 st . Fleets operating on alternative fuels such as propane may be eligible for income tax credits of up to 50 cents per gallon.

Coupled with propane's already low prices compared to gasoline and diesel, who wouldn't want to now operate their entire fleet on clean burning, easy to use propane? California has been a difficult state in which to certify engine fuel systems to make trucks run on propane. But there are solutions today and more coming in the future.

General Motors medium duty trucks (GVWs from 19,000 to 33,000#) can be order through select GM Master Dealers to operate on propane instead of gasoline or diesel. Known as LPi, this state of the art fuel system has been designed around a liquid fuel injection technology widely utilized in Europe . It was developed specifically for the GM 8.1 liter spark ignited engine at Millbrook Proving Grounds (a GM subsidiary), by GM trained personnel. Your GM propane powered vehicle will have higher horsepower and torque than its gasoline or diesel powered brethren. And because its fuel injected, propane powered trucks have great fuel economy. Propane power is proven for tow truck operators, package delivery and shuttles.

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Delta Liquid Energy is your source for selecting a Master Dealer in your neighborhood, helping you with information on the ordering process and obtaining associated tax credits for purchasing propane power for your fleet. We can help with obtaining grant funding for your purchase and providing a reliable, clean supply of propane at competitive prices. Don't forget that propane is domestically produced, so your use of propane in your fleet helps offset the use of foreign oil. For information on how to obtain propane or propane powered vehicles please contact Robert Jacobs at (805) 239-0616.