Propane can be used for much more than home heating! Did you know you can use propane to power your refrigerator, grill, stove, oven, water heater, or lawnmower? Propane can be more economic than electricity or gas, and Delta Liquid Energy works with a variety of companies to supply our customers with only the highest-quality propane powered products.

Whatever your propane product needs may be, Delta Liquid Energy can provide you with the appliances or equipment to meet them. DLE can help you find Propane Powered Mowers and Forklifts, RV Parts, cylinders for gas grilling, generators, and motor fuel for propane-powered vehicles. Additionally, the experts at Delta Liquid Energy work with Camp Chef and Unique Gas Refrigerator to provide you with home-use propane products. Scroll down to learn about this merchandise, and call our corporate office today to learn even more.

Propane-Powered MowerPropane Powered Mowers for Golf Courses, Parks and Recreation, and Municipalities.

Propane mowers eliminate fuel spills: did you know that refueling conventional landscape equipment results in spilling 17 million gallons of gasoline each year? That's more than one and a half times the volume of oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez into Prince William Sound in Alaska in 1989. With propane mowers, operators can avoid fuel spills. So are you looking for the latest technology in grass cutting machines? Do you have acres to cut, vineyard rows or parks or golf courses to maintain? The high price of gasoline or thought of pilferage got you down? Have we got the answer that you seek! Propane Powered Mowers will keep you on the cutting edge, with innovative mower designs and technology, for years to come.Click here to read more.

RV Parts and ServiceRV Parts

When you're on the Central Coast, Delta Liquid Energy is your source for everything for the RV. Click here to read more.

Propane Tank Cylinder ServicePropane Cylinder Service for Mowers and Forklifts

Delta Liquid Energy makes owning and operating Propane Powered Mowers and Forklifts easy, convenient and reliable with regularly scheduled deliveries of replacement cylinders to a safe and secure on-site cylinder storage cage. Click here to read more about Propane Cylinder Service for Mowers or Forklifts.


ARRO Autogas DispenserAutoGas

Propane is an alternative, low-carbon fuel, an alternative to gasoline and diesel. Propane can be stored as a liquid, but vaporizes quickly at atmospheric pressures and temperatures and is delivered to the engine as a gas. The best of both worlds! Click here to read more.

Propane Powered Refrigerator and FreezerUnique Gas Refrigerator

Our complete line-up of propane freezers and fridges stretches from the 4.0 cu/ft Frostek 4.0 to the largest certified propane fridge in the world, the 18 cu/ft Unique 18. You will find our line of "Unique" fridges and freezers meets all your absorption propane needs. Learn more at

Want to learn more about purchasing propane powered products? Contact DLE today to have all your questions answered!