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Propane Mower Benefits and Safety Tips for Your Business

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The Benefits of Propane Mowers and Safety Tips for Using a Propane Mower

Propane mowers have become increasingly popular for businesses in recent years due to their many benefits. They are more environmentally friendly than traditional gas and diesel mowers and can provide significant cost savings over time. However, it is important to take certain safety precautions when using a propane mower to avoid accidents.

Advantages of Propane Powered Mowers for Your Business

  1. Propane mowers emit fewer harmful pollutants than gas and diesel mowers. Propane is a clean-burning fuel that produces fewer emissions than gasoline and diesel. This means that propane mowers can help reduce air pollution and contribute to a healthier environment. According to Propane Education & Resource Council (PERC), “Compared with gasoline mowers, propane equipment produces 17 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and 19 percent fewer NOx emissions. “
  2. Propane is also a more cost-effective fuel than diesel. You can estimate your savings using PERC’s Mower Cost Calculator. According to this calculator, a small lawn care company with 5 mowers that each mow 600 hours a year with propane priced at $3.50 a gallon, and gasoline price at $4.70 a gallon, would have a fuel cost per hour of mowing of $23.87 for propane and $30.55 for gasoline. That is a savings of $4,000 a year at these fuel prices when using propane mowers.
  3. Propane mowers require less maintenance than gas mowers. Propane is a cleaner fuel than gasoline and diesel, which means that it can help extend the life of your mower’s engine. Propane doesn’t stress the engine as much as a gasoline or diesel-burning lawn mower, as propane is cooler-running, so it won’t see extreme temperatures. Propane mowers also require less frequent oil changes and spark plug replacements. Overall, propane can increase the life of your mower’s engine along with lowering your maintenance costs.
  1. Propane mowers can give you an edge on your competition. PERC reported that “crews that work with propane also report enjoying the work environment more, increasing overall efficiency.” Alliance Small Engines states that “landscape contractors who have switched to propane report immediate cost savings minimal of 30%-40% regardless of gasoline costs.” The more efficient work environment, along with the savings you may get through the lower fuel cost and lower maintenance costs, may allow you to adjust your pricing to reflect those costs, passing along the some of that savings to your customers – helping you beat out your competitors for a job.

Check out some real world commercial business cost and emissions savings here.

How to Safely Use a Propane Powered Mower

When using a propane mower, it is important to take certain safety precautions. Follow the these tips to use your propane mower safely.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and follow them carefully. Make sure that you are using the right type of propane for your mower and that you are storing the fuel safely.
  2. Never smoke or use an open flame near a propane mower. Propane is a flammable fuel, and any spark or flame could cause an explosion or fire. Always refuel your propane mower in a well-ventilated area and never store propane tanks in an enclosed space.
  3. Never leave a propane mower unattended while it is running. Always make sure that the mower is turned off before leaving it unattended, and never operate the mower in an enclosed space.
Perc - Carbon Intensity Comparison Chart
Source: PERC

Where to Find Propane Mowers for Your Business

California has stringent air quality requirements, so your propane mower will need to meet those requirements. You can find propane mowers that meet California’s standards at Cal Coast Machinery, or search for propane mower dealer near you through PERC’s propane equipment dealer locator. There are also ways to convert your existing mower to propane, but be sure it meets the California air quality standards.


Propane mowers offer many benefits over traditional gas mowers, including lower emissions, cost savings, and less maintenance. However, it is important to take certain safety precautions when using a propane mower to avoid accidents. By following the manufacturer’s instructions, taking the necessary safety measures, and meeting your states’ requirements, you can enjoy the many benefits of using a propane mower for your business while keeping you and your employees safe.



Due to AB-1346, starting in 2024, California will no longer allow the sale of new gas-powered lawn equipment, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, and lawnmowers, in an effort to combat pollution. Small engines on these machines emit high levels of particulate exhaust, which contributes to smog. The law will apply to both homeowners and commercial landscapers. Unfortunately, this includes the use of propane powered lawn equipment, even though propane is actually a much cleaner energy source than electricity due to the emissions caused by the production of electricity.

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