The experts at Delta Liquid Energy know that their customers rely on forklifts to move products from location to location. In a manufacturing or distribution environment, if the product isn’t moving, you’re losing money. With this in mind, Delta Liquid Energy provides forklift customers with exclusive "Value-Added Services."

DLE provides propane either as bulk delivery or cylinder direct fill service. As part of DLE’s commitment to your business, the safety of your employees, and the quality of the air you breathe, DLE provides safety training and tail-pipe emissions checks at no charge. DLE mechanics also offer Propane Systems Preventative Maintenance Programs to improve the longevity and performance of your engines.

Value Added Service Customer Benefits Cost
Safety Training Programs • Avoid accidents
• Procure needed documentation
• Meet O.S.H.A. requirements
No Charge
Tail-Pipe Emissions Checks • Meet Regulatory Requirements
• Determine air quality within your facility
No Charge
Propane System Preventative
Maintenance Programs
• Improve engine longevity and performance
• Improve ambient air quality and minimize tail-pipe emissions
$80.00 per hour labor charge. Extra charge for parts required.*
*DLE customers receive one free hour of labor with every 5,000 gallons purchased.

In commerce, every second counts. DLE’s value added services helps you stretch those seconds. To learn about other customer-exclusive DLE services, please click here.