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Don’t Be Left In The Dark During Power Outages

Don’t Be Left In The Dark During Power Outages

Propane Can Help Lessen The Effects

Propane powered standby generators are a big help during blackouts. Anytime we lose electricity, we are negatively impacted and worried about how long the power will be out. Those who were affected by the rolling blackouts this past fall know all too well that if you had propane or gas appliances, you at least still had hot water for showers and a way to cook for your family. Rolling blackouts in California are not a new thing, those who have been in California for some time may remember the blackouts that affected several hundred thousand people in 2000 and 2001.

According to Eaton and its Blackout Tracker Annual Report, California was rated as the state with the highest number of reported power outages. Between 2008 and 2017, California had a total of 4,297 outages affecting more than 22 million customers. The runner-up state — Texas — experienced 1,603 outages affecting more than 11 million customers, according to the Blackout Tracker.

Even those who power their homes with solar, can still lose electricity if they don’t have batteries to store the excess energy that is produced. When it’s sunny, solar panels will produce electricity, but when it’s cloudy or when the sun goes down, an alternate power source is needed.

Propane appliances and propane powered standby generators are a great solution. For those that must keep medical equipment operating, medication cold, power computers or just want to maintain life as-is, a propane generator will keep the power on in times of outages.

At Delta Liquid Energy, we depend on our propane-powered generators to keep us working at all 10 of our locations whenever the power goes out. Recently, our permanently installed generator — a 38kw 3 phase unit that powers our entire building — kept us online when the electricity went out at our corporate headquarters in Paso Robles. Our lights, computers and Internet stayed on, so we were able to keep working and providing excellent customer service.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Propane Generator

standby whole home generator

During the most recent planned outages, propane powered standby generators were being installed at record rates and some suppliers could not keep up with the demand, so if you are planning to purchase a new propane generator, make your plans early. If you have any questions, please contact your local Delta Liquid Energy office, CLICK HERE for contact information.

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